Importance of Website Content to Increase Sales of Your Company

Are you generating the right content for your potential customers? This is what you should know to increase sales.

A few years ago, when a consumer required a product, he looked in the yellow pages and then called or went directly to the nearest business.

With the emerge of the Internet, companies began to have a digital presence. Howwever, their websites were more of a business card, with address, telephone, and very brief information. The client followed the same procedure: calling, sending an email or visiting the establishment.

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Nowadays, the way the consumer looks for a product or service has changed completely. The majority, before contacting a business, performs meticulous research on the network.

When entering keywords in a search engine such as Google, it is most likely that you choose among the first results to go to investigate. However, if you enter a site and find insufficient content, that does not solve people doubts, it is sure that you will not make consistent sales.

Why is content so important to increase sales?

The content is everything in any digital marketing strategy, on the one hand, helps you position your website to appear on the top of Google. It attracts and persuades consumers undecided.

Role of content on a website

Some time ago, the strategy for Google to identify the theme of a web page was to saturate the text with keywords. Nowadays, their algorithms can define what a site is about and if it is worth positioning it in its index according to the quality of its content.

However, what is the search engine based on to determine that the content is of high quality or not. Basically, it should be original, it should have a sufficient material to resolve the doubts of any visitor, and that the site is updated and adds information regularly.

If Google also detects that users stay on the site long enough and browse through its pages and other external sites link it, then you have the winning formula to upload positions in the search results. For this to happen, it is necessary that visitors find relevant information about your products or services or even about related topics.

Content function in the purchase process

Consumers are tired of traditional marketing techniques, aggressive advertising, and intrusive and annoying sellers. Instead of chasing the prospective customer to make a purchase, you must get him to approach you, how? Neither more nor less than with content marketing.

If your website has a blog, many potential customers will arrive with no intention of buying, but for the information, they have found. However, if you have an optin form inside the blog and you get their email address, you can send content that is of interest to them and help them to progress little by little through the “buyer’s trip,” article. For this, it is essential to send the appropriate content according to your audience interest.

Initially, the messages that the prospect receives must be helpful and without inducing the purchase, posing a problem to identify that you have a need. At this point, it is appropriate to send reports, analyzes or white papers on the issue in question.

It is essential that all the information is focused on the need to satisfy the audience, not pushing your product sales. Although it is possible to give a brief introduction to familiarize yourself with it. You must show yourself useful and unconditional to build trust first.

Later, the consumer will initiate his investigation. At this point, the product or service is offered as an option to satisfy your need. The content must be educational and focus on resolving any questions that may arise.

Finally, the prospect will be almost ready to make the purchase. At this time you should give more specific information, use tutorials, success stories, demonstrations or reviews from other users.

This process takes time, but it is beneficial not only to attract new clients but to keep them loyal and to return to make new purchases since you will become a brand they trust.

As you can see, having a business card type website is not enough. Working on a content strategy is essential to obtain a robust digital presence, gain brand recognition, attract and retain customers, help them make decisions and increase sales.

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