Press the play button to watch the video. CLICK HERE to try Freshbooks FREE for 30 days!

Press the play button to watch the video. CLICK HERE to try Freshbooks FREE for 30 days!

FreshBooks Cloud-based Accounting Apps Review 2019

Online accounting applications are a good choice for small businesses today. This kind of app allows you to save your money instead of going to a certified accountant for every financial tracking. For this matter, we personally used FreshBooks.

Besides saving the costs, the seamless user experience of the app is also one of the benefits. Think of all the trip costs to your accountant that you will save. Thanks to its technology, you can easily pay attention to your accounting details in your own computer.

Accounting applications can be easily accessed and provided through the cloud. He strengthened small businesses to track everything from bookkeeping to recording of their general accounting needs.

Well, not all accounting applications are the same. The best solution is to find one that fits your business needs. Therefore, it is important to know one advantage over the other. However, we’ve found that FreshBooks is a good option when you consider the price, features, and supports.

FreshBooks Essential Features

Here are some important features to consider when choosing an application that suits you:

  • Basic Accounting Tasks: These are categories that cover the basics accounting task such as tracking income and expenses, billing, financial reporting processes, and client management.

  • Task Automation: This online Accounting application will let you do billing, reminders, and periodic payments automatically, which will save your time to be more productive.

  • Contact Management: Of course, you want an app that organizes contacts or integrates seamlessly with your contact manager application. This app does a pretty good job!

  • Taxes Preparation: This feature includes a small section such as automatic tax calculation, tax reports, and sending messages about all relevant files and data to your accountant briefly.

  • Seller Account Support: You will want to be able to receive credit card payments seamlessly, and this feature will ensure that.

  • Estimation and Custom Quote: This online bookkeeping app has a handful of default templates that can make both estimates and quotes for your clients. You can convert them to billing format easily.

  • Payroll processing: FreshBooks is able to perform basic functions such as entering a timesheet, printing checks, calculating payments, and of course, paying your employees’ salaries.

Here are some additional features that can help you make a choice:

  • Mobile Functionality: Chances are, you will use smartphone more often than computers nowadays like most people do. It will be easy and convenient if you can manage your accounting duties wherever you are, whether on vacation, in transit, or outside. This is very useful if you are a business owner who travels a lot.

  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: Many businesses today think of integration because your business will depend on data from many applications. This accounting app for small businesses provides seamless integration with POS systems, card processing machines, various Google applications, ERP, inventory applications, email marketing apps, and e-commerce platform.

  • Outstanding Support: it is no doubt that the support team in FreshBooks is so competent. Besides answering the support ticket quite fast (less than 24h), the team also provides many video tutorials to fully educate you on their YouTube Channel.

FreshBooks Mobile Apps

Besides having a cloud-based app, FreshBooks has a very good application for iOS and Android, making it a great choice for business owners who travel a lot and can’t sit at a computer. In short, the features I like about their mobile app are:

  • Easy to make billing on the road, sending and managing options.
  • Choose payments with PayPal and credit cards that include automatic balance tracking.
  • Load history that allows you to efficiently track loads from anywhere.
  • The seamless integration function through import contacts, conversion estimation, and number processing features.

The design looks simple with the dominance of blue and white. Since the app is for accounting activities, the icons are also nuanced with money. Although the design is simple, it looks very neat and modern. The menu angles are rather curved. The buttons are made with 3D design. The buttons are also interactive and responsive.

FreshBooks Pricing

If you already have a FreshBook account, you can easily enter and start the application. However, new users must create an account based on your real profile information. It has Free-Trial period of 30 Days with no credit card require. However, it has certain limitation unless you upgrade. For example, if you want to manage more than three clients, you must click the “Upgrade Account” button to enter billing information for payment.

With USD 19.95/month you can track 25 clients and access your company’s online financial account. With USD 29 or USD 39.95/month you can have unlimited clients. Moreover, with USD 39.95 plan, you will also get other features such as timesheet, in-depth report, and project management features.

What we need to know is that, not all the features above is available in the mobile app version. For more functionalities, you must operate FreshBooks in the desktop version.

FreshBooks Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does it have a free trial?
    Of course, you can get your 30 Days Free Trial by using this link. Since the Free Trial does not require you to put your credit card information, there is virtually no risk here. In fact, if you find that the program is not suitable for your business, you can cancel at anytime you want.

  2. Can it easily follow the size of your business?
    FreshBooks has various pricing option for your business to grow. You can choose the best one that fits you the most.

  3. Does It work well with your bank system?
    Yes, we have tested it and it work so well. It supports some major credit card and debit card payment, as well as PayPal and Strip. Way to go!

  4. Can you limit access to certain users?
    Indeed, there is a feature inside the dashboard where you can ask people to join and help you with your accounting needs. However, you can also limit his access to certain features as you wish easily.

  5. Is it helpful for VAT and US Taxes calculation?
    The taxes calculation can be done seamlessly through this app. You just need to setup the percentage of taxes your business occurs based on the States and several other factors. Then, it will track taxes automatically.

CLICK HERE to try Freshbooks FREE for 30 days!