5 Benefits of A Virtual Phone Service For Your Online Business

Thanks to the evolution of technology, many entrepreneurs stopped relying on physical locations to develop their business models. This is how physical stores began to become online stores, and many of them even decided to close their points of sale and grow a business entirely in the cloud.

It is estimated that by 2016 alone there is more than 1,600 million digital buyers in the world and this value will grow thanks to the penetration of the internet and the mass use of mobile devices.

With a market of these magnitudes, it is normal that many businesses are created to operate without it being relevant for their customers the place where they have their physical offices. As for telephone numbers, many still rely on solutions provided by traditional media in which each number is always linked to a physical location and dependent on network coverage.

Why should an online business have virtual phone service?

Here are 5 reasons why an online business should use virtual phone service over a traditional telephone line:

1) Portability

In an online business, physical offices become almost a formality. It is something to complete documents and have meetings, but that is not part of the core of the online business. When deciding to move from the current location, the transfer of telephone lines becomes a process dependent on procedures and sometimes technical limitations due to the coverage of telephone networks. Virtual phone service is not associated with any location, so changing your office will never impact the service or require complex procedures.

2) Consolidated services that are easy to integrate

A virtual phone service service can offer you integration with your website, landlines and even with your CRM or support software and many other features that a traditional telephone line can not provide. You can also answer from an app or a website in addition to conventional phones. Tasks such as saving what a client told you in the history of your CRM can be quite complex in conventional lines, trying to extract a voice message that a client left you to save in your CRM can be an odyssey, but in a phone service system, Virtual is a matter of one click.

3) More friendly service management

When in your traditional telephone line accounts with services such as call history, voicemail and more, you usually access using tone menus and the phone’s keypad which is not very friendly. Virtual phone service services offer from menus on the internet to particular applications that will allow you to do much more than listen to messages and in a more straightforward way.

4) Staggered growth according to your business

Generally, fixed telephone lines allow you to grow. However, in order to reduce your services at some point, you have a permanency clause and other limitations. In virtual phone service, you can adjust your services in periods, increasing or decreasing according to your needs. This is how, for example, during the Christmas season you can count on multiple lines and then download the call recording after the season, without complications.

5) You can be local anywhere

It is especially to fix lines belong to each country. If you would like to have an edge in each place where your business is going, you may need to have an office there. With virtual phone service, you can request a number in the country and city that require it and stop using it whenever you need it. All without having to think about offices or complicated procedures.

If you are thinking of an online business and want to have telephone support, consider virtual phone service as an option that is ideally suited to your needs. Contact us today and let us grow your business with virtual phone service!